Expect the unexpected

If IVF has taught us anything, its to expect the unexpected. No matter what your birth plan might be, know it's OK if it changes.You can go your whole adult life thinking and dreaming of how you want or think it will go. But you truly have no idea until you are there; In the … Continue reading Expect the unexpected

Our Breastfeeding Journey

What they don't tell you about breastfeeding!It's fucking hard. It's no walk in the park. Nobody tells you just how painful breastfeeding is. You see all these pictures of moms nursing their babies smiling and happy as can be. The truth is those pictures could be in the beginning days were mom is still running … Continue reading Our Breastfeeding Journey

31 Weeks of Finley

31 Weeks as of Sunday March 1, 2020! In the world of Finley this week This week Finley is roughly the size of a coconut not sure what coconut is ranging 16-17 inches but yea. Weighing in at around 3 and a half pounds. She will continue to pack on the weight about a half … Continue reading 31 Weeks of Finley

Finley- 26 Week Update!

HOLY COW you guys we are in our 26th week of this beautiful pregnancy, WHAT?? Someone pinch me please, but don't wake me from this glorious dream. 14 weeks to go. In the world of Finley this week! As we begin this 26th week Finley is roughly the size of an Acorn squash or a … Continue reading Finley- 26 Week Update!

25 Week Update!

Finley update for 25 weeks! This week Finley is roughly the size of an eggplant ( yuck since pregnancy I cannot stand eggplant), or the size a of a cute little prairie dog! Finley is about 14 inches tall and weighing in at about two pounds! This week as her lungs continue developing from inhaling … Continue reading 25 Week Update!

24 Week Update/ Flashback to 2019

Hello Friends!!! Today is a very special day, flashback to January 13, 2019, Matt and I woke up that morning ready to go! We were nervous, anxious, but yet feeling a bit of deja vue since on this day we would be heading into our 2nd egg retrieval. I remember this day like it was … Continue reading 24 Week Update/ Flashback to 2019

16 Week Finley update!

I know it has been a while nothing has really been going on during the wait between my first OB and the one we had yesterday ( Wednesday). I have started washing her clothes, we are so fortunate to have been gifted so many hand me downs from family and friends for baby Finley. We … Continue reading 16 Week Finley update!

Mom update: Real fears and feelings

Hello Friends, if you are new WELCOME!! Make sure you hit that subscribe button to get the latest updates on our (in)fertility Journey. The past few weeks starting at my 12 week appointment with our fertility clinic, ( as of today I'm currently 14w4d) Ive known the day of being released and taken off meds … Continue reading Mom update: Real fears and feelings

The Results are in! Gender Reveal.

First off we want to thank all of our family and friend who came out to celebrate the reveal of what Baby wood is! Matt and I are so over joyed. We took the weekend to let the rest of our families know before posting publicly. I know you are ALL anxiously waiting. ARE you … Continue reading The Results are in! Gender Reveal.

7w3d Baby Update!

WOW! As I look back on our journey and all of the heart ache we have been through I cannot help but be so very blessed and thankful for everyone in our lives, our nurses, doctors and SCIENCE. Without this village we wouldn't be here 7weeks and 3 days pregnant with this beautiful miracle child. … Continue reading 7w3d Baby Update!