Expect the unexpected

If IVF has taught us anything, its to expect the unexpected. No matter what your birth plan might be, know it's OK if it changes.You can go your whole adult life thinking and dreaming of how you want or think it will go. But you truly have no idea until you are there; In the … Continue reading Expect the unexpected

23 Week Finley Update!

Whats been happening this week!!! Finley is roughly the size of a BIG grapefruit, funny think I was at the grocery store the other day and really wanting a grapefruit. She is roughly 11 inches long and weighing in at about 1.2lbs 17 weeks to go!! We are getting so very excited. This week Finley … Continue reading 23 Week Finley Update!

7w3d Baby Update!

WOW! As I look back on our journey and all of the heart ache we have been through I cannot help but be so very blessed and thankful for everyone in our lives, our nurses, doctors and SCIENCE. Without this village we wouldn't be here 7weeks and 3 days pregnant with this beautiful miracle child. … Continue reading 7w3d Baby Update!

A quick little update

Labs have all looked really good! Ive been feeling exhausted this baby growing is no joke. Tuesday: I went in for hormone check my progesterone had dropped to 32 which kind of freaked me out but as long as it's above 20 they aren't concerned HCG was 3,129!!!! Baby is growing Here are all of … Continue reading A quick little update

Come on Uterus…

Hello Friends!! Well, I have been going back to the Doctor a few days here and there to look over my uterus lining thickness and hormone levels. Received our labs back from the last transfer all my levels have dropped and are back to normal so we can start the process over again. April 10, … Continue reading Come on Uterus…

February Update, long post alert!

First off I want to say Hello and thank you to all our new subscribers!! It is truly humbling to know people are finding what I have to say helpful! Ok, what's been up! I'll start from the beginning. The first half of February was nothing special other than waiting for my period to come. … Continue reading February Update, long post alert!

Egg Retrieval and Embryo Update

Sunday, January 13, 2019, Retrieval Day !!!!!! Egg Retrieval update!!! 15 eggs retrieved 7 Fertilized 5 Made it to blast Cryo freeze We are SO extremely excited to have these precious embryo babies!!! I started my chemical withdraw period Friday, January 18, 2019, NEVER in my life would have ever thought a period could be … Continue reading Egg Retrieval and Embryo Update

Preparing our Bodies

Well, this morning we received an email stating the RITA case study will be open and enrolling in December!!! We are so excited. *this email gave me a kick in the butt* Since we have a little less than a month I thought, we could do some things to help prepare our bodies and to … Continue reading Preparing our Bodies

What has been going on?!

It's been a while since I have written, why? Well, we have been enjoying this time off together. After we received the news that we got the boot from the SARA study. *which if you have not read that post I will link it >>Oh..the disappointment * I called Matt crying and so disappointed, we … Continue reading What has been going on?!