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Feeding/Nursing/ Organization Reviews

Below are a few of my MUST have for feeding/ Nursing/ and baby organization. The products below have been our go to items. these are solely my opinions and thoughts.

Dr. Browns Baby bottles

When choosing the right baby bottles to use for Finley, I went through a couple. Before deciding on Dr. Brown’s colic bottles. They have not failed me yet. In the early weeks, anti-colic was a must for our little one. I soon realized it’s a must for literally every baby. Their Anti-colic technology helps reduce colic, spit-ups, burping, and gas. Please don’t ask me how it works, but IT WORKS. I like how simple it is to assemble a bottle—nipple through the cap, colic venting system, and bam together with the cap. I experienced significant leaking with other bottles that became very frustrating since breastfeeding was such a chore for me, and to see any bit of it drizzling down her chest made me so mad. BUT not with Dr. Brown’s bottles, I have yet to have any leaking or any failure for that matter. I highly recommend this product. It also happens to be the #1 most recommended by pediatricians. I hope you love them as much as I do. Also BPA free You can get the set shown here for only $39.99, Such a great deal.

Boon Lawn and Twig drying rack

Okay, yall I have to be honest again, I didn’t know if or even how I would use this, but WOW, is it a MUST have. This lawn is so cute, dishwasher safe, small enough for your countertop. You can buy so many “twigs” and “flowers” to hold items. I love it when I wash spoons, bowls, pacifiers, syringes for medicines, and so much more. When I ask for a pacifier or something I know it there, it has become a known spot. All I have to say it’s on the lawn, and my husband knows. It’s also nice to know that anything on there is always clean. There is also a travel lawn that is a bit smaller and skinner. This would work great if you have space behind your sink or are traveling. Boon has an assortment of products from spoons, cups, Bottle brushes, Bottles , Bottle warmer, Dishwasher baskets which we have also and love, the list goes on. After using this lawn for months now I would highly recommend this product.
Product pricing ranges from $4.99-$25 depending on the item.

Elvie Portable breast pumps

I don’t know where to begin with these AMAZING portable pumps. When searching for wearable pumps, I did hours of research. I knew I wanted something reliable, easy to use and wear, accurate, and I had to WORK. When I found the Elvie pumps, I couldn’t believe the value. In the pack, you get two wearable pumps with parts along with an entire replacement set that was HUGE for me. Most of its competitors did not offer that; you would have to buy replacement parts separately when and if you needed them. I found the Elvie pumps had WAY better suction and pull power than the typical suitcase-style pump I would use. I love that it has an app that keeps track of how much you have pumped. You can set your suction level from 1-7. It has a timer and keeps track of your pumps through the app. every part is dishwasher, sanitizer safe HUGE, right. They were discrete under a shirt. Since your boobs are already massive from breastfeeding, they didn’t look that out of place. It was so nice to know I could pop those bad boys on and walk around doing what it was I still needed to do around the house. Super comfortable, I never once felt an uncomfortable suction or fit. Easy pour lids made it simple to store milk in the freezer bags—ounce markings indicating how much milk. I can’t say enough good about them. If you are in the market for wearable pumps, be sure to check these out.

Baby Brezza Bottle Sanitizer

This spaceship-looking thing is large and in charge. Some features I love are you can choose 3vthree different settings. 1. sterilize only 2. Dry only 3. Sterilize and dry, I typically only use the sterilize and dry settings. It does it in a short 45 minutes. I love that should you forget to add the water to the basin, it will sound an alarm, and the screen will turn red. Take the rack out, add the water, and start again. This massive sanitizer can hold so much from bottles and all their parts, pacifiers, spoons, bowls, and anything else that says it’s sanitizer/dishwasher safe. In the early days, when you are feeding the baby every two to three hours, I ran it four times a day. Now that Finley is a bit older, I only run it once at night. Customer Service is AMAZING! Our home plug shortened ours out and the heating element stopped working, contacted customer service it was still under warranty they sent me a new one no questions asked.

Infantino Fresh Squeezed Station

I Don’t know why I waited SO long to get this thing. I cannot tell you how much easier this is to use than doing it the way I was. the Squeeze station comes with 3 fillable containers, a food press, and the station to hold everything along with 10 bags. Literally the easiest piece of baby gear we own. This station made storing Finley’s food a breeze. Since I want to make her food so I know what’s in it and to save money this contraption is a MUST have on every baby registry. When buying this though make sure not to forget to buy the extra storage bags. Bags lay flat for easy storing in the freezer. I talk more about this product in my blog post five months | new business adventure.

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