Life Update!

If you missed our last update you can see it here! Finley is Five month old

I haven’t posted here in a while. It’s been a crazy hectic time. We have recently transitioned Finley from her bassinet in our bedroom to her crib at night. Let’s say mama has anxiety and is trying to “let go” I know she’s okay. Nothing can help that mama heart from worrying, though.
Lately, she is staying up longer, three-four hours between naps, which has been fun, means she and I get more time together. She is SO into Sunny Bunnies and Beat Bo Boogie on TV. We only do TV time once or twice a day; the other time is spent reading books and playing. I have been doing the ABC’s and 123’s with her every day and showing her colors and shapes regularly.
I cannot believe next Tuesday she will already be six months old. When I say time is a thief, boy is it. I thought watching my Nieces and Nephews was fun; watching Finley grow right before your eyes is next level.
Sleep training is challenging, yall. It’s so hard when I hear Finley crying because she is fighting sleep, even though you know she is fine in the back of your mind. Doesn’t make your heart feel any better.

I have been having a couple of breakdowns, trying to figure out a rhythm. Do I even need one? How do you get one? Can I buy it from a store and install it? If only it were that easy, right. We are so thankful to have SO many supportive people in our lives that we know we can lean on in times of struggle. I know we will get there, and every day is a learning step for us all!

We began transitioning Finley from her bassinet in our bedroom next to me into her room in her crib.

Can we say HARD?

We have still struggled with “a routine, rhythm,” whatever you want to call it. Nap schedule is so all over the place I have struggled with getting things done. Sometimes the simplest of things. You weigh out, do I brush my teeth, or do I put dishes away? Do I wash clothes, or do I pick up around the house? Do I sit down and get some work done, or do I fold the laundry? Do I sit in peace? Oh, wait, you can’t do that because you are thinking of the bazillion things you could be doing…It’s a constant battle.
But If today has taught me anything and, of course, listening to my Dad, “Finley isn’t looking for perfection. All she needs and wants is love. No routine or program Is going to give her more or less. So enjoy the time you have with her and know it’s going to ALL be alright.”

That man has a way to calm my soul to the core. He got on the phone, FaceTimed Finley while I had a serious breakdown, and entertained her. He sounded like Daffy Duck as she giggled and smiled at her PawPaw all the while I’m crying, trying to feed her carrots. With every spoon full, she would cry and scream. I kept thinking, is she not ready for this? It just didn’t make sense considering she has been eating two times a day since she was four months old. My Dad said, “we would always give you a spoon full then some bottle and so on” hot damn what you know, she gulped it down like there was no tomorrow. IT WORKED…That time…not so much for her second meal of the day. That’s okay, right, baby steps!
Matt has made me a bed in her room to sleep with her, I tried tonight not to sleep in her room, and the emotional heartstring pull didn’t allow that to happen. Here I am, lying on couch pillows next to my Miracle baby girls crib and checking on her every so often, praying to God to keep her safe each night.

We have found the culprit… TEETHING… I’ll let you know how that is going in the next blog. Stay Tuned!

3 thoughts on “Life Update!

  1. You guys are doing great. Hang in there.
    Btw, some unsolicited advice; try putting her in a sling on your back while you are doing your daily chores. She’ll be close by, which will comfort you both, you’ll have your hands free to get your work done, and your natural movements will rock her to sleep. Hope it helps. ✌💗😬😜😊


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