Our first Appointment

I called the doctor and made my appointment, it felt good to know there was help out there.

I go into the exam room and get undressed bottoms only, the doctor comes in and we talk about what’s been going on, how I’ve been feeling and what I’m wanting to get out of this appointment. I proceed to tell him, we want to start a family, I want to know what all this pain is, and how do we fix this?

The exam went well he said he could feel the Endo and that was pretty impressive. I had a little sigh of relief knowing that there was a reason for all this pain and I wasn’t crazy.

We go into his office and he consults with me about the next steps we will need to take to get a better look at how severe the Endo is. He says my uterus lining looked good, oh and by the way, you’re about to start your cycle!! Having him tell me this was awesome since I never knew when I was going to start. During the exam he also discovered nodules, and cysts ( the word cyst frightens me still to this day) He says having the Laparoscopic Surgery would be best that way he can go in and clean out the Endo that is there and at that point he would be able to see what stage Endo I’m at.

A little knowledge of Laparoscopic Surgery: they go in through your belly button and 2-3 incisions and remove any visible endometriosis implants and scar tissue that may be causing pain or infertility.  If endometriosis or scar tissue needs to be removed, your surgeon will use one of the various techniques, including cutting and removing tissue (excision) or destroying it with a laser beam or electric current (electrocautery).

He prescribes me some prenatal Vitamins and pain medication for the time being.
I leave the doctor’s office and go home with high hopes and talk with my husband about what the doctor has said. next step call my insurance company to figure out how much this is going to cost us. WELL. Our insurance deductible is $3000 and that’s not including the other medical cost after the procedure. Needless to say, we decided not to do the procedure.

One day later, sure enough, I start my cycle ( dreadful) I start marking down every symptom I’m experiencing. The numbing leg pain, back pain, irritability, tired, tender boobs, pain to pee, heavy flow, pelvic pain, gassy I write it ALL down and wait for my next doctor appointment to go over my symptoms. My only pain release is getting into a hot bathtub and just lay there until it’s gone.


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