Case Study Details appiontment

Today we went to our appointment talking about the case study, what to expect, whats different and what is the same.

We met the Dr. who is the lead on the study, we both liked him. He took the time to know the back history of both of us as well as go over some personal things in our files.

We then met with the financial nurse who will be on the study board as well, signed the amount of paperwork what felt like we were buying another house lol
The study seems pretty straightforward and very similar to our first IVF cycle.
We will wait for my September period I’ll go in on day 2-4 of that cycle for screening ultrasound, prenatal labs. If everything comes back within a normal range we will begin stimulation medication on my October period cycle.

October cycle
Birth control for 2 weeks
Begin stimulation meds
Menopur 225 dosage
This is one I’ve taken with our IUI and IVF cycles Lupron is the med to suppress  Premature ovulation this replaces the cetrotide I took in our previous cycle
Novarel which is the one to help me ovulate when the times comes
12 days of stimulation

Egg retrieval at that time I’ll start the progesterone rings (this is what the study is trying to get FDA approved)
This vaginal ring will replace the progesterone in oil injections I was taking in my butt/back.

The study requires me to go in every other day for labs, and turn in my log sheets. All empty medication vials and rings have to be returned at each visit, this is for accountability of the Pharmaceutical company paying for the study.

At any point the FDA and the IRB ( Institutional Review Board)  can come into the office and request files to look over, at no point during or after the study are they allowed to take files off-site.

That is where we are at the moment and we are excited to begin this journey again in the hopes of growing our family!

Thank you, everyone, who has followed our journey, Welcome is you are new!! All the support and love is so much appreciated.

As always we could use help on the financial end of this journey. careyanneWood_0539-37A.jpg



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