Just a little Update!

We are doing this process because it’s what WE want to do to grow our family. All the while we appreciate everyone’s suggestions regarding adoption, Surrogacy, fostering, and the many other things to building our family those ideas are in another basket. For now we’re focused on our current process and being happy with it, to get me pregnant and stay pregnant! After we have exhausted all our options we might or might not visit other avenues. Matt and I are keeping private about most of our process to keep my stress levels down. It can be difficult at times for me to explain and talk about it.
†We always appreciate and welcome the love and support from our family and friends.

NOW here is any update on our ERA cycle!

Monday June 1, 2019
We went in for our ERA biopsy appointment! I began on estrogen to build my lining up the a good thickness so they could take a good sample for testing.

If you are not familiar with what an ERA cycle is, it’s where you do a Mock Cycle. So basically you would be on Estrace and the miniville estrogen patches until the doctor is happy with your lining thickness. Once you are there you will begin PIO = Progesterone in oil shots. You will do these for 6 days and on the 6th day is when you would originally go in for your transfer but instead they do a biopsy. I’ll leave the video of the process below.


What did it feel like and did it hurt?

So you go in and undress from the wait down just like any typical ultrasound. Doctor comes in and explains everything he is about to do. Mentions it’s similar to a pap smear I would have to ague that one. WAY worse. He puts the specula in place and cleans the cervix with iodine he then tells you to take a deep breath and you feel some cramping. YOOOOOOWWWWZAAAAAAAA cramping like NO other along with pressure and just over all discomfort. He says count backwards from 10,9,8…3,2,1 and we are done! PHEW thank goodness I never ever want to do that again. He shows us the lining it retracted pretty cool! Now we wait 2 weeks for results in the mean time I will continue the Estrogen and add Provera which is another form of progesterone for 12 days. This combination will help my lining shed completely since they have built it up so much. Recovering was nothing, felt a little wilderness for a little bit but went away fast and was back to normal with in an hour. I have had some breakthrough minor bleeding which I’m told is normal. We are prying this test will give us the answers we need to move forward and hopefully be able to continue in the case study!

Before our Biopsy we went on a little mini trip to Fredericksburg, Tx. Here are a few photos from our trip! We had a wonderful time. We stayed in a cute little cabin/house. There were so many great photo opportunities

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