IUI Round 2

So here is my June post!!!

We basically had to start over.

6/10/2016- Doc Appointment:
Start birth Control for 2 weeks and up the Estrogen dose to 3 times a day continue prenatal Vitamins. Since I hadn’t really had a normal period in May my doctor said the birth control will help to get me to actually have a cycle. Throughout the 2 weeks, I felt fine just been working out 3 times a week and eat healthily! I’ve notice Gluten has an effect on how I feel and sometimes increases pain. So I have tried my best to stay away from Gluten and high sugar.

6/23/2016- Last day of Birth Control and Estrogen !!! WAHOO
6/24/2016- Doc Appointment:
So at this appointment, they did an ultrasound my lining was very thin ( I’m not sure what that means but yea..) So here is the new treatment schedule!

Day 1 was Saturday 6/25/2016 ( this is important)
Days 3-7 I will be taking Famara ( 2 pills)
Days 5,7,9,10 I will be doing Menopur Injections alternating sides on my tummy


6/27/2016 ( which is day 3) I started my period!!! Lots of cramping and pain today. Hopefully, that will go away soon.

The injections taken with the Famara doc says will increase my follicle and egg production for better chances! Fingers crossed.

My next Appointment is July 5th to see where my uterus lining is at.


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