1 Week of hell

Well, Good Morning all our 2ww has been cut short.

I went Friday, July 15, 2016, to have my progesterone levels checked. Received a call from my doctor Tuesday, July 19, 2016, with the news that my body never ovulated or released an egg. I will start Progesterone for 10 days to initiate a cycle and we will see from there.

It has been such an emotional roller coaster that is hard to explain. It’s the feeling of wanting something SO bad and working SO hard for it to all not happen or work out in the end.

It’s frustrating, emotional, heartbreaking; it makes you feel like what the HELL is wrong with me??? Good thing I have such an amazing support system that has kept me positive. I refuse to beat myself up and be negative! I feel being negative has no place in my life.
“Being negative is easier than being happy, but the outcome of being happy is far better” A quote I thought up one day and have lived by since that day!

My husband and I will have to sit down and decide what we want to do as our bank account is dwindling down. The money that goes into doing all of this is INSANE. But the emotional scare is far worse.

In case anyone was wondering what sperm looks like inside your uterus here it is!! We asked our doctor to let us have a picture of it for the baby book( given that this round worked obviously)matt

My thoughts are at this point is we will take either a month or two off to get back to normal and then maybe try again.

A song I just came across and will now be my go-to song when feeling down!!
“No, I’ll never stop fighting, to get to where you are”
Running By: James Bay


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