As of today we have contacted our doctor and let him know we are going on a break for a few months.
I have officially started my cycle and boy is it Brutal, the pain I’m having I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy. Although it does make me wonder why I wasn’t in this much pain during all the treatments of trying to get pregnant, what was I taking that I’m not taking any more, that made that pain not as severe??  The numbness in my legs this morning made it hard to get out of bed. If you can imagine your worst cramping day ever and times that by a million that’s what it feels like to have endo. The constant feeling of bloat, fatigue, and straight up confusion is exhausting.

I have started a few projects that have helped to keep my mind off of everything Here are a few! Hubby and I have built shelves for our house, I repainted a chair from grandmother and I also repainted a table! I have to say building the shelves over the past 5 days has been so much fun with my husband we are such an awesome team! with all this being said we will continue to try on our own and see where it takes us!


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