The waiting game

Hey everyone, if you have been following along by now you know we are waiting to hear back on if we have been accepted into the case study.

If you are new WELCOME and thank you for following our journey to catch up on the latest see our Follow up after our failed FET

Just a quick update on what’s been going on:
After our failed transfer appointment we went home and tried to get back to “normal” life. Knowing you don’t have to take any more shots, being told to take your patch off and stop all medications was SO hard.

We have been waiting to hear whether or not we are accepted into the case study.  WELL….we are still waiting. I received an email today with some information.

The questions I asked:

1. Is there an update on if we qualified? You do meet most of the study eligibility criteria, however, they still have to conduct the screening visit and all of those results must come back normal before they can proceed with treatment.

2. When will we find out?  The sponsors sent an update that they intend to open the study in July, no exact date was given. Once the sponsor opens the study, Matt and I will come in for a brief consult with Dr. Witz to meet, then we will go with the financial counselor to sign the consent forms. My screening will take place at the beginning of my next menstrual cycle. Ultrasound, bloodwork and a physical exam along with a pelvic exam if all those results come back normal we will be able to begin Stimulation on the following menstrual cycle.

3. If we are accepted into the case study when do we start?  Stimulation will most likely start with my August or Septemeber menstrual cycle.

So we wait! Once we have our consultation in July I’ll update then.

In the meantime we want to thank everyone who has donated to help us make this journey possible, we still need some help to continue on this journey of creating our family. I have placed the link below if you would like to contribute to our GoFundMe!
Again we appreciate everyone who has helped us along the way and shown us so much love, prayers, and support.

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