Come on Uterus…

Hello Friends!!

Well, I have been going back to the Doctor a few days here and there to look over my uterus lining thickness and hormone levels.
Received our labs back from the last transfer all my levels have dropped and are back to normal so we can start the process over again.

April 10, 2019, We started Estrogen again at a higher dosage 9mg
Lining still wasn’t where they wanted it, I didn’t get the lining thickness as it just doesn’t matter until it matters.

April 22, 2019
Went back in, getting closers we were at like 6.35mm still not close enough.

May 1, 2019
Now we are getting a little bit closer, 7.38mm.
I will go back Friday see how much more progress my lining has made.

Feeling very anxious, nervous, overly ready to get this moving. It’s been such a long journey discouraging at times, exhausting always. The constant having to make sure you don’t miss a dosage, don’t miss an appiontment all the while you are maintaining a household and working full-time jobs and trying to have a social life.

The emotions you feel throughout this process or selfish at times and other times they are selfless its a juggling act. It’s so easy to be there and excited for your fellow fertility sisters because it takes your mind off your own struggles and journey for a minute. The roller coaster is no joke.

If all looks good Friday we will be able to do our transfer next week some time, possibly Wednesday.  This will be our 3rd embryo transfer, I pray this is the one every time.

We have been here before and the excitement of the possibility of this time working is getting to me, I also don’t want to block the fact that we could also be disappointed yet again with a Chemical pregnancy. BUT with that being said I’m taking everything day by day and staying in my happy mind and thoughts. Staying Optimistic is SO important through our this journey.

2 thoughts on “Come on Uterus…

  1. By the time you guys get pregnant and bring this baby home parenthood will be a cakewalk! 🤞✌💖


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