24 Week Update/ Flashback to 2019

Hello Friends!!!
Today is a very special day, flashback to January 13, 2019, Matt and I woke up that morning ready to go! We were nervous, anxious, but yet feeling a bit of deja vue since on this day we would be heading into our 2nd egg retrieval. I remember this day like it was yesterday, but now that we are 24 weeks pregnant it means so much more than I ever thought it could, you see TODAY 1 year ago is the day we retrieved Finely and her embryo was created. The mindset is strange, you go in they put you to under you come out of it they tell you how many eggs you wait to hear how many make it to freeze and then you transfer an embryo at a later date in the hopes of it becoming a baby. HOLY cow and here we are.

Flash back photos of January 13, 2019

Finley Update

This week in the life of Finley, she is roughly the size of pomegranate or a super cute little Atlantic Puffin Also known as a sea parrot, or clown of the sea! Roughly 12 inches long and weighing in at about 1.5lbs.

This week Finley’s face will be completely formed by the end of this week, complete with Eyelashes, eyebrows and hair ( I hope she has hair) ! She will steadily gain 6oz per week from now on, most of this weight will come from developing organs, bones, muscle and fat. Did you know right now if she has hair it’s white since there is no pigment yet!?! Fun fact. Her skin is still transparent since the fat she will be gaining hasn’t settled into place yet. how cool would it be if you were able to get in there, you would be able to through to all her organs and bones. Hearing: she can hear me breathing, my heart beat, me talking, and outside noises. It’s said that if there is a song you play over and over again while she’s in the womb could become a song once she is born that will sooth her.

This week she is also beginning to develop taste buds which later on could influence her on what foods she likes after birth! So I’m eating lots of veggies and fruits! Her lungs are developing and from all her practice are getting stronger and strong for when she is born , they also produce something called surfactant which is a material that helps them expand that will help her when she takes her first breath of air at birth this and will continue and speed up around 30-32 weeks.

How’s Mom!

24 Weeks WOW!! 110 days to go! Belly button is still an innie at this point, no stretch marks. although I do have a little bit of an itchy belly but I try not to let it bother me. I still am getting leg cramps at night UGH which are the worst, I have researched so many things from drink enough water ( which if you know me I drink enough for me and Matt combined in a day), elevate your feet at night Done that. So far no swelling of the feet. My palms are a little more red than usual as well as my cheeks some days which is caused by more blood flow and hormones.
Over all I still feel great!

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