29 Weeks with Finley

We hit 29 weeks on Sunday 2/16/2020! With each day that passes I get more and more excited but also nervous and scared. We have worked so hard to get here and we cannot wait to meet our sweet baby girl in just 11 short weeks, 74 days.

In the life of Finley on this 29th week!

Finley is roughly the size of a head of cauliflower, pineapple or a New England Cottontail rabbit. Roughly 16 inches long and near her birth height she is also weighting in at around 3 pounds and will continue packing it on , she will more than double and some more than triple her weight over these next 11 weeks.

Her kicks and movements are more and more each day, not as sporadic as before but for sure stronger! Moving and kicking is helping to sculpt her bones, and build strong joints and muscles. Her movements are more like stabs now.

In this week Finley could begin to smile for the first time, some same this happens more while they are sleeping. She will continue having hiccups.

How Mom is doing in this 29th week!

The past week I have continued to feel great, no complaints really. My belly if getting tighter and bigger it’s been so fun watching it grow and her kick and move all around.

Some things I have experienced over this week are continually having a hard time getting comfortable in bed or even on the couch, finding that sweet spot in bed propping the belly up then by the time I’m comfortable my hip hurts so now I’m back on my back elevated and my feet elevated. But all in all I know it’s preparing me for all those late night, middle of the night feedings! The other night I literally laughed our loud she was tickling me with her foot the funniest feeling ever, I jut had to share that.

We spent Valentines weekend at the beach house with Matt’s parents. It was windy and chilly every day but Sunday of course, thats how it always goes the day you come home is the most beautiful day. Matt surprised me with a beautiful new orchid and chocolate covered strawberries ( not pictured, I forgot to take one before they were all eaten but trust me they were ALL amazing) followed by the most incredibly perfect card with a beautiful written note that melted my heart and of course made me cry. Since our very first Valentines together all I have ever wanted was chocolate covered strawberries and an Orchid they are my favorite flower after all. Blu even got me a card that sweet boy He cannot wait to be a BIG BROTHER.

Saturday was our 5 year wedding anniversary if you follow us on Instagram you got to see some pictures and posts about the weekend! If your not following make sure you do that is where I post on a more regular basis on whats going on. @journey_2_our_family.

Notice his shoes!!

Leg cramps went away for a while, but they have returned which tells me since all last week we only walked one day out of the week, I need to walk at least 3 days out of the week to keep the cramps away. So back to the walks we go!

I have experienced what I think are Braxton Hicks not every day though. Just a slight cramp that sticks around no longer than 15-20 seconds then it’s gone, I have had multiple in one day but never back to back days. I’ve kept record and will show my doctor next week at our 30 week appointment

Wiggle warm

Matt watched some YouTube video on people magnet fishing so naturally he had to get it and try it out! It’s just a magnet you drag along the bottom and wait to see what you pull up.

he loves the water

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