Baby update!!! 6w3d

I want to start this blog off today with a moment of silence honoring the men, women and children who lost their lives 18 years ago today in the horrific act of terror. We will never forget.

Since last week when we had the bleeding scare, I’m SO happy to say the bleeding has completed stopped!! Still have minor cramping. I did a lot of napping and relaxing all weekend. Our Ultrasound Friday looked as to be expected and growing bigger and bigger!

Friday we visited our new baby nephew Jack! Holding him was so special! It’s so different holding a baby now as opposed to any other time, knowing we are pregnant and will soon be holding our little baby is so surreal! It’s a different feeling. He is so precious and so very special!

Spent time with my parents celebrating my dads birthday and talking about their trip and of course mom had souvenirs. She made SUPER yummy lasagna roll ups and finished the night off with cupcakes from Hummingbird Bakery, if you have not been there GET THERE NOW!

Today Wednesday 9/11/2019
The days leading up to today have felt so far away, like when you book a Disney trip 3 months in advanced and the last 2 days feel like the longest days, that’s what it has felt like. I’m so antsy I want to our baby again!!!

The time has come and and we are ultrasound ready! We begin the scan and already I can see how it has grown which is SO crazy then we see the flicker of the heartbeat!!! Baby is growing right on track and everything looks great! I feel like a kid in a candy store when your moms says get whatever you want and you say REALLY? I’m so giddy We are so over the moon with this baby. Without further ado Here is the ultrasound!

Heart beat: 119bpm
HCG: >10,000
All other hormone levels look great! We will continue to return to the clinic every Wednesday!

You are not going to want to miss these updates make sure and subscribed! I will be doing updates once a week from now on, every Wednesday!

As always we thank you for your continued love and support you have shown us along this entire journey!

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