6-8 Weeks New!

If You missed the five-week update here is the link 5 Weeks of Finley 

Six weeks have come and gone in a blink of an eye. I’m trying to get updates out each week, they just keep coming and going so fast. I wake up Monday and go to bed it’s Friday.

This week Finley turns six weeks!! The weeks go by SO fast, crazy that she is already six weeks old. She is in the stage of grunting and moaning throughout the night, which makes an already long night even longer since nobody is getting sleep. I know this stage will pass. The grunting is her figuring out, relaxing the pelvic floor to make a bowel movement. We have had to use the Windi’s on her quite a bit to release gas and encourage the bowel movement, and typically once she has done that, she’s a happy camper and all smiles! We have enjoyed watching her facial expressions and seeing her change over these last six weeks. Matt and I say to each other WOW she has changed so much already.

We feed her mostly breastmilk and only supplementing one to two meals out of the day as we wean her off of my milk. Nursing/Pumping has become something I never imagined. I always wanted to nurse her, but the amount of pain it puts me in, not just during but hours after I cannot bear any longer. We feel the best thing is to wean her off. 

She is doing a two-minute session a couple of times a day of tummy time, and she is already a champ at lifting her head and looking around. She is so alert loves looking at the fan and off into the distance even though I’m not sure she can see far just yet.

Weeks seven and eight have flown by even faster.

We have been weaning her off my breastmilk to formula these past two weeks, we started with a sensitive formula but have soon realized she is having a hard to time transitioning on that. We have since changed her to one that mimics breastmilk a little more, and she can Poop a whole lot better on her own now! Thank goodness. 

During these last three weeks, we have gotten the hang of things a little more, I have had many breakdowns about not breastfeeding her any longer. I have this intense attachment to it, as I’m sure a lot of moms do. I want the absolute best for Finley, and that is for me to be mentally and emotionally ok. Pumping and nursing was draining me, and I was fading not only for her and Matt but for myself. 

June 16 -19
We were so lucky to have Matt’s cousin Dana and Taft come stay with us, so much fun. Finley played so much with Dana and Every chance she got they were soaking up each others love. Finley is so blessed and loved by so many.

How’s mom and Dad?

Tired, but so incredibly thankful for the precious gift we have. I went in on Tuesday, June 23, 2020, for my mommy checkup, and everything is healing correctly from the 3rd-degree tear, my doctor is pleased with the healing and says it’s going to take time to feel back to normal completely. I’m so glad I’m not in all the vag pain I was in before. I haven’t had to use my vagcicles and also not to need ibuprofen nearly as much. 

Since weaning her off and stopping my pumping session, I have seen an enormous light and pep back in me. I feel better, and I’m able to spend more quality time with Finley without feeling drained or emotionally withdrawn. Weaning her off has also allowed Matt to sleep all night and not have to get up with me to feed her and pump.

Matt still has to go into the office for work, and I’m thankful to be able to work from home and be with Finley.

As of today our county has ordered another stay at home order, not that I’m going anywhere anyway. I hope that people listen to this and take it seriously. This virus will only keep spreading as long as we don’t listen. 

We celebrated Matt’s first Father’s day! The day was full of so many emotions and happiness. We have waited so long to have our first Mother’s and Father’s day! We spent it with my parents on Saturday, hung out and played some games, made fajitas, they were so good.

Matt’s parents came over for some social distancing hang out in the garage. Since his dad still has to go into work and his mom has a little sinus infection, we felt it be best to keep some distance for now. We can’t wait till she is feeling better so she can get some Finley snuggles. After all, baby snuggles fix everything, right!

We are all so over this quarantine time, and they stay at home, don’t go anywhere unless you have to order, but also know it’s for the best. We are doing our part in keeping everyone safe.

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